Lubrimaxxx Personal Lubricant Original Flavor Plain Lube 200ml

Bigger is Better with the Lubrimaxxx Plain Lube in a 200ml bottle.

Our unique 200ml is only for the most adventurous – Warning: Multiple Pleasurable Sexual Fun!

Some of our benefits:
– Llubricant is 100% natural, gluten-free & fat-free
– Lubrimaxx is amongst the highest rated and safest water-based lubricants in the World
– Uniquely water-based that is proven to prevent toxic exposure, eliminates pain and discomfort
– Condom and Latex Safe & No- Irritability
– Closest to Human Cell Osmolality
– Non-Staining and Non-Toxic
– Edible – Safe
– Laboratory and Clinically Tested
– Each batch manufactured tested for TMA (Total Microbial Activity) before packaged
– Oral, Vaginal and Anal Safe
– Proudly manufactured in South Africa

– Do not use if try to get pregnant
– Discontinue use if irritation occurs

Kindly Note

Lubrimaxxx products have passed all the required testing procedures both in South Africa, America and Italy. We are also CE Certified.

Please note we do not give any medical advice. Please contact your personal health care professional for any medical related queries.

Lubrimaxxx for a Better, Safer and Happier Sex Life!

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