TheraVine AromaVine Lemon Zest Massage Candle Jar 100ml

TheraVine AromaVine Lemon Zest Massage Candle Jar are a 100% natural synergistic blend of plant waxes (including superior soy wax instilled with an active nano-emulsion liposome Cacao extract) and butters, while perfectly infused with plant botanicals, that is as essential spa-inspired product which has been specifically designed to relax, offer great moisturising and protective skin care benefits, as well as healing abilities.

The pure soy oil 3-in-1 AromaVineTM Lemon Zest Massage Candle are housed in an elegant signature V-shaped glass holder and beautifully positioned on a wooden block, is not only ideal for pouring but also for allowing the refreshing citrus infused aromas of Lime, Sweet Orange and Lemongrass to fill the room which rejuvenate, uplift and soothe.

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